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Aug 14, 2017

Show Notes:

This week Liz and Toni chat with Courtney from The QuadCast and Shrink 2 Shrink. This is a must listen podcast for anyone thinking about seeing a therapist. All everyone should be seeing one!

Take Aways:

  1. Don’t dump on your therapist and then never change. Do the work.
  2. Know yourself. You know if something won’t work for you based on your thinking and personality. It’s okay to find another way to reach the same goal. (However this isn’t an excuse for not doing the work)
  3. Interview your therapist before making a commitment. It’s okay to find a different therapist if you don’t click.
  4. Stay away from unprofessional therapists. If your therapist asks you to dinner… run away.

About Courtney:

Courtney is the host of the QuadCast and Shrink 2 Shrink podcasts. He’s also a program manager for a counseling center, foster agency and therapist. When he’s not listening to people’s problems he’s forcing other podcasts to do their daily planks and keeping everyone updated on Twitter. Follow him on Twitter at @QuadFatherMFT.

About Liz and Toni:

Liz and Toni spend half an hour every week encouraging others to be kind and do unto others.  Join them by subscribing to Avoid Being Hated’s email list, and on iTunes.  They would appreciate an honest review.


Audio post production by Lord Saunders
Music: Actionable – Bensound

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