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Aug 10, 2016

Give us 13 minutes and we'll give you 12 QuadCasts!

The 12 most recent QuadCast Podcast promos in less than 13 minutes.  If you like this promo mash, you’ll like the QuadCast, if you don’t like it then we are saving you tons of time. Either way, you’re welcome.


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Featured Episodes

Colon and Public Success #138


Baseball Bigfoot & Scully #137


Flip the Script - Grant and his Stranger Conversations #136


Augmented Reality, Deep Tissue Massage, Big YT Money #135


Snap- Isolation Chamber- MJ Hospital #134

Fireworks- Films- Tornadoes Quadcast #133


Cussing + MJ Different Generations w/  @PureBSpodcast #132


Broken Nose + Cannibals #131


Mugged and Lost - 1 GPS too many #130

Awkward Moments at Work- Smelly - Injured & Fired 129


Pranks, Humor and Inspirational Quotes at Graduations 128 Quadcast