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Feb 13, 2016

Donald Trump rally report - Review X-Files Television show - Next installment of Across the pond with the Brits from @NTR_Official respond to interview questions. Bad sports parents who yell at their kids being negative
Trump Rally - Swanny's experience there @Aneurysmnv and #AcrossThePond with @NTR_Official #PodernFamily #QuadCast

Trump Rally - Swanny's experience there @Aneurysmnv and #AcrossThePond with @NTR_Official #PodernFamily #QuadCast
Swanny discovers Pinterest and attends a #Trump2016 Rally
Are deer cute or vermin? Swanny defends his property with land mines on this episode.
I have to face the fact I am proud to be a nerd. Playing board games at the ski lodge #7Wonders
“Divorced people TRY to stop understanding each other” and other actual fun stories
Dads who yell rotten things at their athlete daughters. Swanny encounters “them” again.
Quick review of the new X-Files show and Going to Trump Rally stories on this show. Swanny encounters cellphone “Rape Rates” enjoying the Super Bowl on his phone - How to Avoid those.
British folks really don’t know about Screen Doors? @NTR_Official Join us for another #AcrossThePond Brits - “How guilty do Americans feel about the treatment of the Indians?” We answer.
Brits - “Are there really Fast Food restaurants everywhere in the USA?” We respond. People don't want to admit that hick attend the Trump rally and there is very little racial diversity. Trump election theme song takes America by storm viral marketing. Volleyball dad Swanny talks about his trip to Texas and the stuck stop adventures he had along the way.

Wolverine GPS (Stand Up Comedy) Kristin Key

People with no kids don't know

Michael McIntyre

Donald Trump's New Campaign Song Is Awful