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Jan 31, 2016

Guest from Washington DC Bill from @NAPodcastUSA shares his wealth of life experiences: being suspended from school, being the “Fan man” cheerleader, philosophy, relishing Weiner’s visit, meeting a hot chick while working at the DMV, investigative reports, Buzz is a term that is related to getting high, or does it mean news? English Premier League discussion, Soccer vs football, who finds it interesting, Bill does!  Their show can be found on

Learning how to drink booze while watching to EPL soccer game.  Antiquated drinking laws.

Get two buzzes a day watching the EPL.

Chris Rock - Mr Tossed Salad (vostfr)

Reverend Jim from Taxi show at D.M.V.


BT- The Team Arrives (The Fast and The Furious)


Hail to the Redskins - Fight Song