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Aug 27, 2016

A very special QuadCast and celebrity interview with the voice of the show Kiffiny and she shares her journey in the radio business and the story of her tattoos starting at 31:15 in this show.


Plus Swanny is back and he teaches us how to waste money in Hawaii because he is “forgetful”


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Aug 21, 2016

Can the movie geeks from 7 Days A Geek stand up to the "Name That Movie" game?

Jay and Grant are followed to the QuadCast by their infamous producer Agent Palmer and we find out if he is a STALKER OR NOT! 

And Agent Palmer's Awesome Blog can be found at 




Aug 13, 2016

Games and a homegrown version of the Newlywed Game repackaged as the DudelyWed Game bring out the competitive nature between the co-hosts of the Days A Geek podcast and long term friends Grant and Jason.


From the brain center of the Monkeypoo Studios comes the 7 Days a Geek Show 


Aug 10, 2016

Give us 13 minutes and we'll give you 12 QuadCasts!

The 12 most recent QuadCast Podcast promos in less than 13 minutes.  If you like this promo mash, you’ll like the QuadCast, if you don’t like it then we are saving you tons of time. Either way, you’re welcome.


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Aug 6, 2016

Swanny and I record a show and I bare it all at least from one side.  We discuss the comedy around the exam and the funny situations it put me in.  Of course Swanny continues to build his house and 

JD from In Session Film tells us what is worthwhile and what we should avoid on the big screen.


JD Duran from In...