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Apr 24, 2016

Swanny is back and has stories to tell, celebrity sighting in Palm Desert Ca and Seattle Washington is too green for us dumb Americans when we recycle.  We battle the Irish’s stereotypes of Americans.  The @Podskwod tells us what the Irish people really think Americans are like and we agree and disagree with their...

Apr 17, 2016

Bill joins the podcast and drop some serious wisdom about the business of podcasting. Starting at 24:00 in the show.

He hosts Not Another Podcast and

on Twitter

He is running for political office and knows his way around Irish stereotypes as we...

Apr 10, 2016

Jason from the Three is Comedy podcast joins the Quadcast conversation and talks about own a Yoga studio, drugs, religion and all of the other hot topics of discussion.  Disneyland difficulties and the handicapped secrets to beating the long lines. We dissect and appreciate the art of the stand-up comedian.  


Apr 2, 2016

Social media entices an airplane hijacker to take a selfie.  What is the opposite of love? The answer may surprise you. Why do I need to be so bendable in bed?  We do actually talk a little about the presidential election race and even a little less about BatmanvSuperman.  We shout out a few twitter friends when we ask...