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Feb 27, 2016

Interview with 2015 winner of Best Comedian of Chico Chris Bobertz @ChrisBobertz We talk about how he started and building his voice on stage and working within the Chico comedian community.  Comedy inspirations and how he works with crowds. Bravery of stand-up comedy.  


The long road of developing his comedy voice...

Feb 21, 2016

Small talk is always awkward especially when we are forced to talk with the parents of my kid's friends - forced conversations & people who want to be traffic cops on this episode of the QuadCast.  Everyone needs a safety couple at special events. 

NASCAR On NBC/NBCSN Theme Song (2015 - Present)


Feb 17, 2016

Black Mirror from Netflix, Deadpool movie & a Geek Test are the topics with Jason @s7evendaysageek

The Angry Ginger

Host of 7 Days a Geek/Podcasting 101/Better Call Saul:A Companion Podcast. Married Father of 5. Comic Book Writer. Self-Publisher.


Black Mirror

S1 Ep1 - National Anthem


S1 Ep 2 Fifteen Million Merits

Feb 13, 2016

Donald Trump rally report - Review X-Files Television show - Next installment of Across the pond with the Brits from @NTR_Official respond to interview questions. Bad sports parents who yell at their kids being negative
Trump Rally - Swanny's experience there @Aneurysmnv and #AcrossThePond...

Feb 6, 2016

The movie “Inside Out” is the topic of discussion for Courtney & Dr. Mullen.  How accurately does this move capture the emotional interplay within our minds.  The discussion touches on what can happen to us if we are not aware of our feelings and if we don’t share our deeper feelings with the people in our lives....