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Jan 31, 2016

Guest from Washington DC Bill from @NAPodcastUSA shares his wealth of life experiences: being suspended from school, being the “Fan man” cheerleader, philosophy, relishing Weiner’s visit, meeting a hot chick while working at the DMV, investigative reports, Buzz is a term that is related to getting high, or does it...

Jan 26, 2016

A new game show entitled the Pod-lywed Game (a version of the Newlywed Game) featuring the cool couple from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Podcast, Annaleis & Neil join Courtney on the QuadCast.  We all have a great time and the competition is fierce and the answers are very entertaining. (From time to time there is a...

Jan 23, 2016

“Across The Pond” is back.  The bit where we speak to British chaps about their country and why they are so weird.  The Nearly True Review podcast @NTR_Official answer our questions about England and we answer their questions.  Swanny gets a service dog … what service? why and how?  Courtney shares about his...

Jan 13, 2016

It actually IS brain surgery, Swanny tells about his day to day life in brain surgery and Courtney talks about being a marriage therapist and the road to getting there


Comedy Clip

Chris Rock Stand Up "Job v. Career"

Jan 9, 2016

Swan-show. We cover it all here including: Truck stops, mile high club, crystal skulls, dead mother’s ashes, drunk Uber, Awkward wedding reception speech, Tripping bride, house hunt, killer coyotes, concussion discussion.

Comedy segments on this episode:

Dwayne Perkins - Football Vs. Soccer (Stand Up Comedy)