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Jan 22, 2017

In this episode of Shrink2Shrink, Courtney & Colleen explore the relational themes in the movie “Trainwreck!”. Amy Schumer appears lost in a sea of men, casually bopping from one to another, until a certain piece of man meat catches her in a way she hadn’t expected. We’ll discuss parents influence over what your kids believe, the process of watching your parents recognize their own mortality, sibling differences, what we say to impress a crush, the pressure to have kids, and so much more! Join us!

Next up! TrainWreck! – She sure is! Or is she? She might just be a product of her upbringing and just struggling to get her life sorted and find love like the rest of us?
In this movie, Amy Schumer plays a woman living a sexually carefree life until she meets a nice doctor with whom she seemingly has little in common with. When he begins to pursue her, she tries to run away and treat him like the piece of man meat that he is, but she feels compelled to go against her better judgment. In this movie, Courtney & I had plenty to talk about in regards to relationships, family dynamics, and single life. We got in some good giggles too!

In this episode, we discuss:
“Monogamy isn’t realistic!” – how what our parents teach us when we are young really guides us as adults.

When Amy and her sister go through their father’s belongings, we discuss the family process of grief, and how, even though you were raised in the same house, you may have very different reactions than your siblings.

“I’m memorabilia” – what it’s like to watch our parents recognize their own mortality

“Do you like sports?”- Oh what we won’t say to try to get a date!

“Do I have to worry about you with other guys?” – What’s it like when one person thinks your exclusive and the other doesn’t? uh, oh!!


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Dr. Colleen Mullen

Courtney Calkins - QuadFather

“I’m finally going to be a grandfather!” – Families don’t always agree on who constitutes a family member. It’s unfortunate that even though we have so many blended families these days, some extended family members may still not recognize the step-siblings as family members.

Do we all just keep dating different people from the same mold?

“Your life has not begun since you don’t have a baby”- Oh brother! Don’t get me started. There are so many ways people with children have found to make us childless women feel inadequate – Thanks ladies!

“Just keep her away from the athletes” - What happens when you bring your new love interest around your family too soon and they make totally inappropriate jokes about you!

Have you played the “Skeletons in the closet game”? – You can really learn about who has no boundaries in this one! I’ll drink to that!

The death of Amy’s father – how we process grief is different for everybody, but it’s a process that takes time- Amy’s boss doesn’t seem to get that.