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Aug 27, 2015

Swanny travels everywhere, I can't back up a boat and Periscope.


All information is available at

Big guys is always on his back

Backing up a boast

Time Zones?

Why are so many people joining us on FB

Downloads up when Swanny leaves town

QuadCast new app

Garlic on the pizza in an Airplane?

What food is it ok to bring on an Airplane

Nut allergies, survival of the fittest

Middle seat airplane rules

When is it Ok and not OK to lean your seat back

Someone block you from leaning back

Cheating the system

The international languageā€¦. love? No spanish

Falling in a shark tank in Cancun.

Backing up a boat, stupid me

Can you back-up a boat on a trailer?

Backing into parking spots

Shamed by another boat guys

Use golf cart more than TV

Why walk when you can drive your golf cart

Periscope shout-outs

Terrorist codes by Periscope?

Broken phone