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Dec 13, 2015

#DRAMAALERT on the QuadCast!  The Mike O’Meara Show calls me and accuses me of buying twitter followers. Thankfully, they made that call so I could clarify how I built my Twitter following to 58,000 followers, WITHOUT PAYING for any followers.  Mike and the guys are very kind and complimentary about a promo I made for their show (but a little creeped out).

On this episode I explain in great detail how I grew and continue to grow my twitter presence as a means of promotion for this little podcast.  If you are interested in growing your following, it takes time and energy, but no money - I tell you my philosophy.  I have helped many other podcasts and they have experienced the same results. My goal is not to be “twitter famous” rather it is to give as many people as possible, the chance to encounter (and hopefully enjoy) the QuadCast podcast.