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Apr 14, 2019

Jason from the 7 Days a Geek podcast joins Courtney to grieve the podcasting loss of 2 of our family members Neil and Annaleis; after 5 years they "retired."  We discuss the "why" of podcasting and talk about the community of podcasting and what it means to all of us. 

Before we chat about DAPF podcast we talk about the I Shake My Head podcast with Lisa and Sam.


Show link:


At the time of 15:53 the DAPF grieving begins

DAPF Twitter:

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks. Hosts   Also seen on the Halos & Heathens vlog! 

DAPF on the Quadcast on the "QuadCast #110 Pod-lywed Game w/ @DAPFpodcast" 1/21/2016