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May 9, 2017

Juliette bears all... of the behind the scenes happenings with her celebrity interviews and the parts of the stories you didn't hear on her podcast.  

We discuss: meeting a drug lord, troubles with travelling out of the country on A DATE, The F-Ing frogs, and how best to get kicked out a of hospital. As well as what went on when the mics were off during her interview with Ari Shaffir.

The Unwritable Rant is a weekly podcast hosted by Juliette Miranda featuring storytelling and in-depth interviews.



Instagram: Theunwritablerant

Juliette will be a character in the new Kindred Homecoming comic book. Release date was May 6th. Kindred Homecomings comic  

The Unwritable Rant is syndicated on 

Juliette is in discussions with a movie production company to take some of her story podcasts and turning them into a web series.


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