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Jul 24, 2016

Grant joins the QuadCast this week to discuss his “cult classic” podcast, The Stranger Conversations(TSC). On TSC Grant would invite a guest or guests on the show for a “no holds barred” interview which oftentimes lead to insights into the public and private worlds of each guest.  On this show Grant agreed to be a “subject” or guest who answers the questions about himself.  We discuss his personal origin, his high school years, his journey into marriage and how he approaches being a father.  In true TSC fashion I get to ask Grant 10 questions and the because so many people had so many question Grant agreed to field questions for some of the most passionate listeners of TSC (with a twist).


We spend a few minutes on movies too, complete with a “Can you name this movie” quasi-quiz complete with audio clips from each film.


So sit back, relax and be a fly on the wall as we all get to know TK1 or just Grant.  


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The Stranger Conversations:

A Podcast of informal exchanges, ideas, chats, and heart-to-hearts with complete strangers and not quite strangers. Unplanned. Unpredictable. Unrehearsed. Tapping into the collective consciousness and shared life experiences of everyday people, one person at a time.




My 10 Questions for Grant


1)What is one thing you used to dislike about yourself that doesn't bother you anymore?


2)  If you had to have complete mind reading with one person, and you would know everything they thought ( about you and everything else) who would you pick?


3)  You can say anything and when your children are 19 years old they will listen, what do you say? 3 min GO!


4)  The 2 words that best describe my spouse are?


5)  A prejudice that you wish you didn't have, but you learned it somewhere


6)  If you could live as another person for a week as a passenger who would you pick?  Basically like a gopro on their life and their thoughts


7)  What was a very scary moment from your childhood that you still remember to this day?


8)  What’s something that you are very proud about but you don’t like to talk about because you are too modest?


9)  If you had to repeat one year of your life, which year would it be and why?


10) If you knew how and when you were going to die , would you tell anyone?